Rabu, 6 Mei 2009

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How long have you been on Facebook?
Since this year

How did you find out about Facebook?
Kasarah kot

How often do you check your Facebook?
X sure

How many friends do you have?

How often do you rearrange your top friends?

Do you ever clean out your friends list?
X pernah usik pun

Do you read all notes of your friends?

What one thing would you add to Facebook?
X pernah, faham x! :O

Did you take a picture of yourself just for Facebook?

Do you have a crush on anyone on Facebook?

Have you ever called anyone you met on Facebook?
X pernah

Have you ever met anyone you met on Facebook?
Pernah2. Pak su, kasara, Afiq, Ainina, Chiyun bla bla bla

Have you fallen in love here?

Have you ever wanted to quit Facebook?
Pernah terfikir gak

Myspace or Facebook?

What is the most annoying thing about Facebook?

Type the name of your friends that are close to you.
Pak su, kasara, Afiq, Ainina, Chiyun bla bla bla

Type 5 friends name you want to visit.
X tau

Pick 1 that you want to visit this weekend.
Aku busy this weekend

Do you like them?
Them? Apakah.

Who would you like to tag?
# Kasara
# Ketot
# Nana
# Naz
# Afiq

p/s: Tidak berminat pasal facebook. Harap maklom.

10 Tempahan:

naz berkata...

wey lagu arab la :) hahha!

si ketot : berkata...

I dah buat sygs :D

Sarah Samz berkata...

facebook? bosan dari myspace, tapi lebih ok dari friendster. :)

Shazana Samaluddin berkata...

sy tak minat facebook la awk ;)
facebook takde camne nak jawab. haha ;)

Nadia Samz berkata...

naz : haha! gelek. ;)

Nadia Samz berkata...

ketot : haha! ok3, XD

Nadia Samz berkata...

sarah : iya2 lah. :)

Nadia Samz berkata...

nana : ok2. haha!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

facebook itu bes!!
ley men kuiz..

Nadia Samz berkata...

kau sorang sama macam kakakku.

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